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Friday, October 30th, 2020

Hello Fellow Woodworker, 

What I am about to say will probably shock you. You may not even want to hear it, but its true!

The fact is that 95% of us woodworkers have embarked on woodworking projects that have ended in frustration or failure and sometimes even in disaster.

This is obviously something that can happen to us if we are a newbie, a weekend warrior or even an experienced woodworker!

However, you would be surprised to know, that there are really only a handful issues that may be holding you back from realizing your full potential, and producing the satisfying, high quality results that you deserve for your efforts, yes...Low hanging fruit!

So Which of These are Negatively Affecting the Quality of Your Woodworking Results Right Now?

  • Poor Final Finish - Even though you may be doing a great job at joinery, your project often falls short when it comes to finishing. This can be really disappointing because all your hard work will not even be noticed, if the finish is poor. On the other hand, even an otherwise poor project can be given a facelift with a good finish!

  • Lack of Accuracy- Your projects are lacking because some measurements are slightly off, or your cutting techniques need to be improved. This can show up in frames being out of square, uneven legs or poorly fitting joints

  • Poorly fitting Joinery - Making strong and beautiful wood joints is one of the foundation skills of woodworking. If you find that your joints just do not turn out right, then this may point to several skills that need to be improved, including measurement, technique and proper use of your tools. The fact is that even with just old-fashion hand tools excellent results can be achieved

  • Finding Suitable Woodworking Plans - Ready to build, well documented woodworking plans are like gold when you find the right one. Usually the problem is that your needs may be so unique that nothing suitable is even available! And you probably do not have the time or the tools to do plans from scratch!

  • Difficulty Using Tools Properly - Acquiring woodworking tools is always a work in progress, especially with new tools appearing on the market every year. However, even though modern power tools help to make things go faster, there is no substitute for proper techniques or training. Used improperly, power tools can actually ruin your materials and projects faster, if you are not careful

If any one or more of these hurdles are currently affecting your woodworking, then I have good news for you!

I will shortly explain to you how our system will help you to overcome them and quickly produce the results you deserve.

First, let me explain how I accidentally stumbled upon a powerful 1-2-3 formula that dramatically increased the success rate of my woodworking projects, and is guaranteed to do the same for you!

But why you should even listen to me!

Hello my name is Crispin Thomas, and I have been a Television Broadcast Project Engineer and Passionate Woodworker for the past 40 years. 

In fact you can call me the Sawdust Addict!

What makes my experience so relavant to our discussion?

Well, from an early age I have always been fascinated by woodworking. I remember vividly, playing near my grandmother’s house and looking at the growths of teak and cedar trees and wondering, "how could these majestic trees ever become a beautiful piece of furniture?"

From then, my fascination with woodworking only grew stronger!

Over the years, my career in Broadcast Engineering has always been enjoyable but extremely time-consuming, so it has always been a struggle to carve out enough time over the years to devote to Woodworking.

I bought many magazines, books, and plans that promised jaw-dropping results... but the truth is without anyone to have my back, results were always disappointing even disastrous!

My wife, family and friends were therefore always skeptical about my woodworking.  


"Many times, I thought that I should just quit, give up this beautiful dream and accept that I am just not cut out for woodworking"

Why I'm glad I did'nt?

Then everything changed dramatically when I started watching the New Yankee Workshop Video Series with Master Craftsman Norm Abram

Norm was an extraordinary teacher.

I was hooked by his techniques and his passion.

When he retired and closed his shop, I felt as though a close friend had died!  

He would give the most comprehensive treatment to each project, including the history, the thinking behind its use… the art and the science of the piece.  

He would explain in detail why he chose the materials he did, the type of joinery he used, material preparation, assembly, and final finishing.

Without even realizing it, Norm became my virtual trainer and mentor!

In a very short time, I finally started having results I could be proud of.  

Even my wife would accuse me of secretly buying expensive furniture and pretending to build it!

And my neighbors were stunned by all the amazing projects cropping up in our house.  

And then suddenly custom requests started coming in as people started begging me to take their money. Now I just could not wait for the weekends when I could get back to my garage workshop.  

I suddenly realized that I had cracked the 1-2-3 formula for successful woodworking! 

To have consistent success with this rewarding craft, you need to have the following 3 ingredients: 

  • A comprehensive collection of thousands of verified plans, video tutorials and resources all in one convenient place

  • proven system which methodically guides you along during your projects without overwhelming you with unnecessary information
  • The support of a passionate and dedicated like-minded woodworking community to continually encourage and inspire you even further and help you test your ideas before beginning your projects

In fact, greedy companies rob you by deliberately misguiding you… so you end up buying even more junk that you never needed in the first place.  

In addition, many plans and videos assume you're already a master craftsman who will "figure it all out" or you’ll just blast through any difficulty you might face with sheer force of determination.

Good luck with that!  

No wonder, even the most passionate woodworker can be rendered frustrated as he finds it very hard to finish projects smoothly or at least without a lot of pain and that crushing feeling of lack-of-accomplishment and "wanting to give up"...

This approach is guaranteed to help you to overcome some of the nagging problems we all face....

  • How to build strong joints that lasts for generations?
  • What are the most appropriate joints for each project?
  • Which type of router to use in a router table?
  • Do you even need one?
  • What type of material would be right for your project?
  • How to get the most precision out of your tools?
  • How to choose and apply the right finishing to have silky-smooth results?
  • How to ensure that you don’t miss a single vital step and waste your time and money?

That's why we have created a one-of-a-kind resource that meets all your woodworking needs in on convenient place


So , if you have got the passion, the Woodworkers Treasure Chest will help you streamline the process, so you can accomplish one project after another in less than half the time with whatever tools or skills youve already got   

And I can say that I’ve already battle-tested everything inside WTC. And it works!

So Let Us Take a Look Inside ...

More than just plans, Woodworkers Treasure Chest (WTC) is an Integrated Woodworking System that Guides You Through All Aspects of Your Woodworking Projects, thus helping you to avoid missing important steps in your projects or costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Your Lifetime Membership entitles you to all the resources and features needed to get you the Woodworking results you work so hard to achieve.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest is extremely user-friendly and makes it super easy to research, plan and execute your projects, giving you all the resources you need from start to finish.

  • This is the only place that contains Not Just Woodworking Plans but All The Information you need to execute your projects successfully and consistently.
  • Instant access to New Woodworking Technology, detailed PDF plans, Step-by-Step blueprints, Video tutorials, how-to guides and so much more, in just a few easy clicks!
  • This means no more being overwhelmed by too much information, no more Woodworker's Block or Frustration and no more wasting of your valuable time!
  • Now, with WTC, you don’t have to waste time searching around the internet or, rummaging through books or files on your computer, just to find the info you need, or hop around different woodworking websites like a headless chicken...
  • Because now, for the first time, everything you need is now in one place at the click of your mouse or tap of your finger away!
  • Moreover, you will not find these exclusive features anywhere else!

So Here's Just a Glimpse of What You're Going to Get Inside: 


Access to Verified Database Of Thousands of High Quality Plans So You Can Create Whatever You Want Whenever You Want...

 For starters here’s what you’ll get inside:

  •  Step-by-step instructions so you'll never need to worry about cutting the wrong size, spin in circles or waste time trying to figure out what goes where...   
  • Views from all angles. So you know how everything should look BEFORE you build it. And take on any complex project confidently...   
  • 3 Dimensional Drawings -while other plans show you pathetic 1-sided view. Inside WTC you get 3D drawing and exploded schematics so there's absolutely no guesswork involved.  
  • Beginner friendly plans... even if you've never touched a piece of lumbar in your life, you'll find that everything just "clicks" into place... items basically build themselves… 
  • Access all the plans from your mobile device, laptop or computer… there’s no need to buy or install any complex software.
  • Comprehensive wood database of over 120 wood types, so you clear understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type of wood, before you make your choices
  • Special sections for Workshop layouts, Jigs and Outdoor Sheds

Woodworkers Treasure Chest features high-quality indoor & outdoor plans, interactive 3D models, workshop plans, craft plans, exotic designs and so much more!  

And because you have lifetime access to all the “done-for-you” plans you can always access them anytime, anywhere and save yourself from the blunders those “other” woodworkers make.  

There’re absolutely NO hidden charges, no monthly fees.

In fact, our members are using these plans to:

While it's just impractical to list all of the plans and projects in our database, here is a list of approximately 250 separate categories that you will have lifetime access to.



Click Play Buttons Below to View Sample 3D Plans

Interactive Workshop Layout

Garden Bench

Now this is where it gets interesting...

See, other veteran Woodworkers offer you basic plans and wish you good luck.

While this may work for some for some people,  most woodworkers feel like being thrown into the troubled waters without a lifejacket.  

So I went a step further to ensure that you enjoy completing your projects quickly and smoothly....

Woodworkers Project Wizard -
World’s Only App To Help You Finish Your Projects In Half The Time

This is my “secret weapon” to finish one project after another quickly, without any frustration.  

To my knowledge this is the first program in the world - which combines 'Project management' techniques into woodworking.  

It gives you the momentum you need... my estimation is you'll save half the time to allow you more free time for your family, so you can still have a life outside the workshop.  

What’s the point of slaving away at something if you can’t enjoy it?  

So here’s how it basically works.  

You select what you wish to build, all the resources you have, the skill sets you have… and with just a few clicks you’ll have a custom plan of action ready for you.  

Project Wizard holds your hand like a personal mentor and guides you every step of the way until you finish projects – no matter your skills, your budget or the tools you have.  

This simply ensures you complete each project successfully, and at the same time quickly gain the experience to build bigger, better, and GRANDER projects.  

Moreover, thanks to Project Wizard you don’t need to wade through millions of pages before you create some sawdust.  

In fact, believe it or not but this system took me 2 years and about $5,000 to create. And it’s been worth every penny.

In a nutshell, Project Wizard is the nerve center of Woodworker's Treasure Chest that links to all the other features and ties them all together..

Project Wizard Screen Shots

Deciding on Types of Joinery

Deciding on Type of Finish

Finshing Tools and Materials

Then at the end of each Project Plan, you are able to save all your decisions for later use on your own workspace, in a PDF file or even print out a hardcopy summary if you need to have a paper document to refer to.

See Sample Project Report below.

 In fact, look at some unique project that our members have built for themselves:

"4 Woodworking Apps"

Exclusive to Woodworkers Treasure Chest Members

Have you ever needed an intuitive and easy-to-use method for planning and laying out your workshop or any other space in your home for that matter?

Well "Easy Layout" has been designed to do just that. Its drag and drop interface quickly enables you to plan your space with preset icons for your workshop tools or indoor furniture, cabinets and other items.

Other cool features include:

  • Save your layout to pdf for download and printing
  • Create unlimited layouts and save to your online profile so they are available to you anywhere, anytime
  • Items are automatically assigned to layers for easy organization
  • Built in grid makes it easy to judge dimensions and to make modifications
  • Buit-in tape measure makes it dead easy to measure distance between any two points.
  • Completely customizable to your needs


Metric to Imperial Calculator

Board Foot Calculator

Mitered Door Calculator - Generate Cutlists

Step by Step Woodworking Video Tutorials

Let’s face it...

The quickest, easiest way to improve your woodworking is to watch a master at work, and then apply what you’ve learned in your own projects.

Now with step-by-step video demonstrations by grizzled veterans with decades of woodworking experience, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable learning experience that will transform you into a master woodworker in no time!

Here, we cover everything you need to know to get started– 

  • How to Ensure that You Always Work Safely
  • Understanding the characteristics of different types of Wood and how to choose the most appropriate type
  • Understanding your tools and getting the best out of them
  • Techniques for Beginners as well as Advanced Woodworkers
  • “Tricks of the trade”, Workshop layouts, Tool Storage system, model home woodworking shops

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The best part!

You can finally stop searching online for information because everything you need to know is right here in Woodworkers Treasure Chest.

When you combine these video tutorials in conjunction with the Project Wizard.

And to top it off, we’re constantly updating the member’s area with the latest tips, tricks and techniques so you’re always on the cutting-edge of what’s working right now.

Exclusive Woodworking Group:

The Most Helpful Gang On Facebook

Just imagine if you can have hundreds of supportive fellow woodworkers, who are eager to share their ideas and results with you, and who you can use as a sounding board for any ideas or challenges you may have!

You know the internet can be an unbelievable place to seek like-minded folks. But you can also get nasty trolls, confusing advices and rude experts.  

But luckily, we’ve the most joyful, helpful, friendly bunch of sawdust addicts in the world :-). I make sure to keep it clean and entry is restricted to a select few only. And members get direct access to me.  

You can ask any question without any hesitation… and suggestions would pour in, in no time…

So, if you’re really serious about woodworking then you got to be a part of this amazing group.  

Plus, members get three more very important but often forgotten Calculator Apps to achieve new levels of precision in this art.   

In this group, you can share your experiences and mingle with experts in the field. Post pictures and videos of your projects any time to get feedback or take part in our “Project challenges” to up your game!

There’s so much fun to be had as you now join a super passionate group of woodworkers (of all experiences) that are always building, discussing and sharing the most creative furniture and crafts.

And if you join today then we will also include the following Free bonuses 

The Essentials of Wood Finishing and Re-Finishing

 In this Finishing and Refinishing download, you’ll find  valuable finishing tips and techniques from the pros.
You’ll learn how to assemble your finishing toolkit, strip a piece of furniture back to the bare wood, and then apply a professional-quality finish.
You’ll find tips on how to sand new or unfinished furniture, and then get help picking the right finish that will bring out the beauty in the wood and give your project lasting protection

Definitive Guide to Wood Turning Essentials

Over 80 Full Color Illustrated Pages on subjects such as:

  • Create a stunning ring holder or a candle holder and watch your wife melt with love.
  • Amaze friends and family with your ingenious creations...
  • Learn to turn. Discover the art and the set up to begin this fun (and frugal) hobby right away
  • Build a marvelous “tippe top” for kids... they'll give up mobile for this curious object!
  • Bring out the beauty in wood with just basic skills, and simple hand tools.

Designing and Building Cabinets

Over 80 Full Color Illustrated Pages on subjects such as:

Designing and Building Cabinets contains 148 pages of fully illustrated articles that present the basics of design and construction in easy-to-understand, accessible terms. Subjects include: Making big cabinets manageable, Working with modern materials, Fitting flush mounted doors and drawers, Glazing cabinet doors,  and much more...This is the ultimate visual reference for any woodworker.

Furniture and Cabinet Construction

Making furniture is one of the most satisfying ways to pass time:

The schiiick of a plane iron on wood; the dizzying aroma of freshly sawn sugar pine or East Indian rosewood; the endless array of color, texture, and feel of woods from around the world; the tense but joyful final assembly, when all work and toil come together in a conclusive burst of completion.

What excitement! This is the fine and fun art of woodworking. The reward is beautiful furniture.

The Art of Woodworking

The "Art of Woodworking" provides timeless guidelines for woodworkers both new and seasoned.

Woodworking encompasses a great number of diverse activities, including turning, woodcarving, marquetry, cabinetmaking and joinery, however, every specialist craftsman or craftswoman has at some time mastered the fundamentals of measuring and marking, dimensioning, assembling and finishing – considered the basics of woodworking skills that are the core of any woodworking calling.

The 10 Most Common Woodworking Mistakes - How to Fix Them Like They Never Even Happened!

 I've made all the embarrassing mistakes you could think of... the small ones can be wiped off like they never happened... but the big ones can cost you an arm and a leg.

  • In this guide I'll give you the top 10 mistakes that rookies (and experts) make and how to fix them easily
  • How to remove the router burn... why it happens and how to get rid of this common mistake... PLUS: How to save your hard work from the awkward “toad skin”
  • Sloppy mortises-and-tenons are intimidating... Here’s an amazing trick to make them fit snugly like a glove on a hand (HINT: Don't just glue and pray)
  • How to erase mystery glue smears. No, sandpaper will be a disaster... PLUS: one simple trick to evaporate dents… and so much more…

Essential Guide to Routers

  •  90-pages of pure gold so you use your router like a pro.
  • Build a router table for under $50 this weekend
  • One simple trick to quickly create traditional joints that lasts for generations
  • Create perfect dovetails fast with a $22 Dovetail Jig (don’t buy the expensive $300 jig)
  • Tips and techniques to achieve new levels of precision and art
  • How many of these 10 ways of maintaining your router do you know?

So, what's the investment, Crispin?

Well , this is truly an investment, as being a member of WTC will actually save you money over and over again!  

Each plan inside WTC members area can easily be worth $7, so the total value of all the over 5,000 plans would be over $35,000. In fact, the "Project Wizard" took two years to design and build, and about $5,000 from my own pocket.   

At the same time, I promise you're not going to pay anything like what I paid to build all this.

In fact, you're not going to pay even half of it... many colleagues recommended that I charge what other veteran woodworkers charge - $197 or $97.  

But I really want more woodworkers like you to enjoy this woodworking tool.  

So your price today is a single payment of just $27 which is a whopping 72% Discount of what I plan to charge in the near future.

At the current price, if you had to pay for Woodworkers Treasure Chest over the period of one year, it would cost just cents per day...

Just Click on the Large Button below to take action now.

PS: People have actually emailed me to confirm that this is really a onetime payment and at this low price! Well it is a single payment, but I don't know how long I can keep the price this low!

I’m shouldering all the risk by offering you
a 100% No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • Get Immediate access to Thousands of verified woodworking plans, so your project basically snaps together like a ‘mortise and tenon’
  • Enjoy Woodworkers Project Wizard: Plan and execute your projects in half the time, generate project reports
  • Join Exclusive Woodworking Group: get love and support from members and share your personal successes stories
  • Get everything you need to plan, execute, and finish woodworking projects all in one place
  • Save hundreds of hours on research so you can spend more time on the really fun stuff – Crafting!
  • Complete your projects successfully once you get started
  • Produce quality woodwork like a Pro
  • Make beautiful joints like dovetails and mortice-and-tenon with BASIC tools, and create magical woodwork with limited tools and space
  • Stay organized like a master woodworker
  • Develop unshakable confidence in every step of the woodworking process
  • Save time and money from accidentally ruining material or having to make unnecessary trips to the hardware store or lumber yard
  • Enjoy tremendous peace of mind knowing you have all the resources and woodworking know-how in one place
  • Become the Hero Husband, Dad or Grand-dad who can build anything!
  • Gain personal satisfaction for years to come whenever you look at a woodworking piece you built
  • Amaze with your newfound woodworking skills, and have family, friends, and neighbors literally begging you to build for them!
  • Improve your woodworking skills to the point where you never have to fear losing a job, because your projects can easily pay the bills and even give your family a comfortable lifestyle
  • Never have to rely on expensive joiners or woodworking shops
  • Never have to settle for poorly build commercial store furniture
  • Woodworking Group: get love and support from members and share your personal successes
  • BONUS #1 Designing and Building Cabinets: Surprise someone special by building professional-looking cabinets
  • BONUS #2 Essential Guide to Routers: 90 pages of pure gold so you use your router like a pro
  • BONUS #3 Furniture and Cabinet Construction: Over 1,000 clear photographs and drawings for quick understanding
  • BONUS #4 Definitive Guide to Wood Turning Essentials: Amaze friends and family with your ingenious creations... Get everything you need to plan, execute, and finish woodworking projects all in one place
  • BONUS #5 The 10 Most Common Woodworking Mistakes: wipe off mistakes like they never happened....
  • BONUS #6 The Art of Woodworking - Beginners Guide: a 33-page crash course you can finish this weekend... and hone your woodworking chops
  • All orders are covered by 60-day no-questions-aked money-back guarantee 

Woodworkers Treasure Chest can be instantly accessed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

There is NO software to download.

Everything works directly from your browser! Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Android.

WTC is fully online, so whether you're on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, or whether it's 2 A.M. or 2 P.M., or whether you're in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or anywhere else, you can instantly start understanding and creating your projects from the privacy of your home or workshop.  

This is extremely important, so take advantage of this special offer now.  

Don’t overthink this zero-risk opportunity… because I’m not sure how long I can keep the price this low!

So, act now and Click the 'LARGE ORANGE' button... do it before it’s too late.

So just imagine the confidence you will feel when you next look at a piece of rough lumber that you know would soon turn into a marvelous piece of furniture or toy or something beautiful and useful.  

  • Just imagine bumping up your existing woodworking skills a notch or two, virtually overnight....
  • Imagine getting back at those “experts” who told you, you’re not cut out for woodworking. And when they see your breathtaking creations, they gasp and say, “you built that?”  
  • Imagine waking up feeling light, empowered and bursting with energy.  
  • Imagine yourself having the power to fashion wood on command.  
  • Imagine breaking free of the clutches of the expensive knock-down furniture store companies... and contractors who overcharge you for custom work.  
  • Imagine the joy and satisfaction of LOVING what you see in your home or shop.  
  • Imagine your wide smile as you listen to the stunned comments of family members when they admire your creation.
  • Imagine the smirk on your face when you notice your neighbors struggling to hide their envy.
  • Imagine being able to look at something in store and saying to your wife or grandkids with confidence, “I’ll build this for you.”

Can you put a price on your proud faces when they call you, “an artist, a genius…”?

So , now you have come to a fork in the road! 

Going forward you can "just wing it". You may have some experience. You can roll the dice and hope for the best like most other woodworkers.  

Or maybe you want to stick with any of the "Roll The Dice" plans out there.  

You may not mind having to go back to the Hardware store 2 or 3 times. Then beg someone to fill in the gaps in the plan and your skills. And maybe -­‐-­‐ just MAYBE -­‐-­‐ you’d get your project complete.  

And if you’re LUCKY... you won’t have those aggravating misalignments that stand out like eye-sores.   It’s fine if you want to do this. Most people do. Then again, most people give up. And spend about 3 to 4 TIMES what they should.  

Or maybe you’re smart enough to go ahead and get a sure thing.   Have a plan that you can take to the Hardware store ONCE... Get everything you need ONCE... Finish each step ONCE.  

Be sure in advance that you are doing it right. Have virtual support so you’ve got no blind spot. See what it’s supposed to look like from all angles, so you KNOW you got it right at each stage.  

And at the last step, when everything comes together, they come together PERFECTLY. Every edge, every screw, every joint fitting PERFECTLY. And VIOLA!  

You have a stunning woodwork that looks like a professional work. And best of all, you saved money... saved time... had fun... and avoided a load of stress. Here’s what to do now...  

Go ahead and try WTC for yourself completely RISK FREE.  

I’m waiting impatiently for you to come inside and to hear about your success story. Click the add to Cart button now.

What Are Our Members Saying About "Woodworkers Treasure Chest"?

I'm naturally curious and a tinkerer by nature, I also have dabbled and played with wood for a few years, but never felt that I had the skills necessary to handle pieces that could be displayed. I don't have a lot of woodworking tools just a mixture of some basic power and hand tools. I have worked at learning how to use them for basic operations, but I am always looking to improve my skill set.

I found the Woodworkers treasure chest site to be easy to navigate and the information available very useful to someone such as myself. For example, I found the calculator converting metric to English units easy to use and it makes laying out a project that has metric units very easy to do. In addition, the most valuable tool to me are the tutorials and the search function it has. You can very quickly find useful information on tool usage, joints, glues, jigs to make repetitive cuts or cutting wood joints easier and even on finishing techniques. The plans that are available to use can be downloaded or printed, are easy to follow, have good instructions and well dimensioned, and, if nothing else the plans can give you ideas on how they can be modified to meet your own ideas.

If you, like me, are willing to work at improving your skill using the tools given, then I think the Woodworkers Treasure Chest can only help as I'm still learning every day as My wife is constantly coming up with projects for me.

This is an outstanding service for the small cost involved. I would recommend it to any woodworker or woodworker want to be...

I retired from education in June of 2017. I needed an outlet for myself to remain active and productive. I have always enjoyed woodworking and have tried my hand at various projects. Most have been workable but not very good.

I have expanded my projects to some much better finished projects. Wood projects just tend to of a better quality that what are purchased at the store.

Since I live in a subdivision governed by a homeowners association. They have some very strict regulations in regard to the design and construction. This is making the shed a challenging project to meet the guidelines while keeping the cost at a level I can afford.

This Treasure Chest is providing me wind the tools to plan and put a workable plan together. Thanks for including me in this elite group.

Hi, from Down Under. Thank-you Crispin for inviting me to join. I live in Port Huon, Tasmania, Australia. I retired here from Alice Springs.

I'm a supervisor at the local Men's Shed(call the Dog House) in Geeveston. I enjoy making thinks with my hands.

Since being down here, I've gotten into wood, in a big way. I like small thinks: jogs, a folding table, jigsaw, hat rack, coast rack(for home), hand doors for friends; I'll put together some pics to post on a couple of days.

The Woodworkers Treasure Chest is bound to be a valuable asset for me. One of my quirks is, I do my project in sketchup before I touch any timber! It gives me time to look at it, modify before starting.

From what I've looked at so far this is quite impressive. I intent to continue using the Woodworkers Treasure Chest well into the future.

Do You Still Have Questions?


Will Woodworkers Treasure Chest work on my computer or tablet?

Woodworkers Treasure Chest is built to work on any Internet Browser, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Android devices. Consequently, it will work on any Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile device.  To get the best experience though, we recommend the use of devices with larger screens like tablets and higher.  


Can I use the system on more than on device at the same time?

Yes absolutely! Just login to the members area with your username and password.


How do I download plans that I want?

All PDF plans are readable directly online without needing to download. If you do need to download just look for the download icon in the PDF menu and download to your preferred location on your computer. You can also print the plans or specific pages directly from within WTC.  


What if I forget my password for the members' area?

If you forget your password just click on “Lost your password” in the login screen along with your username, and your password will be sent to the email address we have on file. If you really get stuck, just send an email to and we will sort you out.  


How long does my membership last?

We are currently offering only lifetime membership. Even if we change to another system in the future, you continued membership is guaranteed without any further payment. (This is why it’s a good idea to get in now!)  


How do I apply for a refund?

In the unlikely event that you need to be refunded with 60 days of your purchase, just send an email to and ask for your payment to be refunded within one business day. No questions asked!

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