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Woodworkers Checklist

Woodworkers Checklist

9. Don’t be a Hero, Get a Helping Hand

Even though most woodworkers thoroughly enjoy all aspect of any woodworking project, there are times when fatigue and other factors can rob you of your joy.

If you find yourself in a frustrated situation where you single-handedly perform all sorts of woodworking tasks ranging from lifting heavy lumber to cutting and sanding, getting a partner is a cool idea.

A workshop assistant or companion will significantly reduce stress and frustration and make woodwork projects a more rewarding and satisfying experience


10. Manage Your Time

“The key is not spending time, but investing it” – Stephen Covey.

Time spent in the workshop should be focused on quick completion of quality projects, while the time left may be invested in other profitable projects or relaxing and spending quality time with family.

If you’re aspiring to be successful in the lumber industry, you need to work on time limits within which you meet and exceed demands of clients.

The ability to craft a quality woodwork within a short time frame classes you apart and gives you an edge over other woodworkers.


11. Eat Sleep and Relax

Are you aware that woodworking can be likened to full body workout?

This is the main reason behind the big muscular arms of carpenters. After years of hammering nails into stubborn hard woods, lifting heavy lumbers coupled with handling heavy duty machines, the body physique automatically responds to all these activities.

That is why you need proper nutrition, sound sleep and adequate relaxation before and after a hectic day at the workshop.

In addition, a woodworker needs a clear head in order to make technical drawings and other decisions.

So don’t neglect your body, you will need it to remain healthy and strong throughout your woodworking lifetime.


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