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Woodworkers Checklist

Woodworkers Checklist

7. Practice Working Safely


How skillful you are with handling all your tools will go a long way in determining the success of your woodworking projects. Not only that!

The level of care and safety you practice while handling woodworking tools and machines also count a lot.

Accidents are very prevalent in the woodworking industry, not only because of the machines involved, but because adequate precautionary measures are often not taken by many woodworkers or safety features are ignored or bypassed.

In as much as you will be needing your full body of parts for a lifelong career in woodworking, please obey all safety rules.

These are there to protect you and your loved ones, and ensure you can continue to enjoy this wonderful pastime.


8. Reuse and Recycle Waste Materials

There are potential profits in recycling waste material, but only of this is done properly and systematically.

There are instances where woodworkers find useful waste materials that can still be recycled for constructing new projects.

Or profits can be realized from selling wood wastes as fuels for factories, for animal bedding and compost manure.

So do not hesitate to create a separate area for storing workshop wastes once this is possible.





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