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Woodworkers Checklist

Woodworkers Checklist

3. Start with a Proper Plan

Before starting any project, you should think it through, in detail. Thinking a project through simply means taking enough time to anticipate problems, solve assembly solutions and ascertain the exact size and location of elements of your project.

You need to do this well beforehand, because once you start you project there may not be the opportunity to reverse any major mistakes. So before the project, you need to:

  • Make a rough sketch of your finished project from different views.
  • Work out the dimensions of each element of lumber, with respect to length, width, thickness and unusual cut angles.
  • Make important notes on estimated cost of materials.

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4. Get a Complete List of Your Materials

It is important that you understand the cost of raw materials needed for particular woodworking project. Think not only of wood but also, other accessories that make your final result functional. So your material list should include:

  • The specific size and type of wood required.
  • Amounts of fasteners to be used for every joints of the project.
  • Hardware (handles, shelf supports, shelf pegs etc.)
  • The exact color, quantity and type of finish required

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