Sawdust Addict

Woodworkers Checklist

Woodworkers Checklist

But first, Let Me Introduce Myself?

Hey – I my name is Crispin Thomas. Nice to meet you!

For over 35 years now, I have been fascinated with woodworking and the process of turning rough lumber into beautiful and functional furniture and articles.

You could even say I am addicted to sawdust!!

Even though I am an Engineer by profession, I share the same passion that you do, and this has only grown over the years.

Actually my experience with Project Management has actually helped me to build better structurally sound woodworking projects over the years.

I have also learned that there is really no substitute for good planning and organizing, especially with a woodworking project, and it is super important to ensure before starting that have a clear idea of what the end goal is, and the specific steps needed to get there.

That is why I have created this brief but concise checklist, so that you do not have to make the costly and potentially dangerous mistakes that I and others have over the years.

You will find that this checklist will ultimately save you time money and frustration, and drastically increase your success and joy in your accomplishments.

So here goes….

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