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Tips When Purchasing Used CNC Woodworking Machinery

Tips When Purchasing Used CNC Woodworking Machinery

CNC woodworking machine is important in woodwork industry, especially if you are planning to expand or there is an increase in customer demands. For those who have been doing woodwork manually, the price of CNC equipment may be surprising and the costs of upgrading the system may cause some serious dent on your savings. Would there be another way of increasing productivity without spending too much?

There is a good alternative for buying new CNC woodwork, buying used ones. It may sound ridiculous, but very practical. There are several second-hand equipments that are still in a good condition but up for a lower price. Buying used CNC woodworking machines is a good option for those who have tight budget.

There are several things to think about before buying a previously-used CNC woodworking machine.

Understand your needs. Make sure that you will be getting an equipment that would best fit the demands of your woodworking business. For example, if you need a CNC router for a small scale business, then you are not buying a warehouse scale CNC router. Aside from that fact that you will not be maximizing the potential of the machine, it would cost you more than you need to spend.

Check the machine background. Background check would include previous maintenance and machine problems and its service records. This would give you an idea, if the machine would still be able to meet your expectations when it comes to woodwork. If the machine is not properly maintained, then it may cause you serious problems in terms of production and may end up spending more in repairs and replacement.

Check the brand name. The benefit of choosing a branded used machine is that machine services that the manufacturer offers. Aside from that, branded machines also tend to be durable. It is important to look for brands that already have a good reputation when it comes to durability, efficiency and quality.

Ask the owner if the equipment is still covered with maintenance and warranty. You would like to take advantage of such benefits.

Don’t forget to negotiate. There are some sellers who would sell a machine in much higher price, negotiate and try to get it for the actual or reasonable price.

Before buying anything, make sure to do all research possible. The internet is a great way to check and compare prices, brand performance and customer feedbacks. You could check company sites and other businesses if they are selling their older models. Some would sell because they are upgrading their production, closing down or relocating.

Aside from that, local newspapers and hardware stores would often have listings of equipment up for sale. Check local woodworkers if they are thinking of changing or selling their equipment.

Proper maintenance of your CNC woodworking equipment goes a long, long, way. Even if you have used CNC equipment, it does not necessarily mean that its lifespan would be cut immediately. As long as it is properly maintained, it could be in its top/best condition for a long time.

If you have just modest woodworking skills you can build your own CNC Machine yourself and save a bundle!


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