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Tips for Buying and Using Rough Lumber 4

Tips for Buying and Using Rough Lumber 4

Edges reveal the curl

Spectacular figure may be hidden by a board’s rough-sawn surface.

If you suspect a board contains curly figure, look at its edges for closely spaced light- and dark-colored stripes. Pronounced stripes indicate heavy figure.

You can check an entire stack of boards for figured ones just by looking at the stack from the side.


Resawing saves money and material

Even though thicker wood costs more, you can save money by using it effectively.

Say you need two 1/2-in.-thick panels. Instead of milling two pieces of 4/4 stock, and wasting almost half of each board, resaw a pair of panels from a single piece of 6/4.

Besides, resawing produces bookmatched pieces that can make a great-looking pair of doors.


Be fussy about color

One off-color board can ruin the appearance of an entire project. Trust me, that dark (or light) board will bug you every time you see it!

You can usually tell when boards don’t match, even in the rough. Stand them alongside one another in good natural light, so you can compare.

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