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4 Reasons Why You Should Own a CNC Machine

4 Reasons Why You Should Own a CNC Machine

Discover 4 Reasons Why You Should have a CNC Machine As One of Your Main Tools in Your Woodworking Shop

You have probably heard about this before, but if you are not sure why you should have a CNC Machine as one of your main tools in your woodworking shop, here are 4 Reasons why you should:

1- Accuracy

When programmed correctly, CNC machines are usually 100% correct with what they produce. They:
Produce parts to maximize accuracy
Provide good positional accuracy and repeatability
Provide a high degree of quality because of their accuracy and their ability to reuse programs.

2- Simplicity

CNC machines are not all that difficult to use once you learn how. For example:

  • Complex jigs and fixtures are not required in all areas
  • Since fewer jigs are used, the actual storage requirements are reduced
  • Lower tooling costs since there is less need for complex jigs and fixtures
  • Once the first piece has passed inspection, minimal inspection is required on subsequent parts
  • Advanced machine control and programming capabilities allow for complex machining operations to be more easily accomplished.

3- Saves Time

Using CNC machines effectively reduces the amount of time taken to produce furniture items:

  • Enable the operator to make changes or improvements with a minimum of delay or expense
  • Reduce waste as errors due to operator fatigue, interruptions and other factors are less likely to occur
  • Improve production planning as they can often perform work at one setting that would normally require several conventional machines
  • Reduce lead time as a result of lower tooling costs.


4- Cost

In the past cost was the factor that limited the use of these incredible machines to expensive industrial applications only.

Well that is no longer the case! Click Here to see how affordable this can be.

Now any modest wood workshop can benefit from having this incredible tool.

Hey with a little effort you can even build your own….


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