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CNC Woodworking Machines: What Sets Each One Apart

CNC Woodworking Machines: What Sets Each One Apart

CNC woodworking equipment makes manufacturing wood products faster and as accurate as possible. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines operate based on the design instruction provided by the CAD module. CNC machines use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to control the movements of the motor or the machine.

CNC machines are not only routers, there are also borers, tenoners, and saws. All of these CNC equipments would coordinate with a computer and a software. CNC machines could be programmed to handle softer or tougher materials. There are different kinds of CNC woodworking machines. Categorization could be based on machine’s features and their functions. Here are several types of CNC wood routers.

Industrial CNC wood router

There are different types of CNC routers, the first one is the industrial CNC router. It is about 80 % of the routers released and being used. It is mostly used by industries and different woodwork companies like furniture manufacturers.

They are considered the most expensive of CNC routers and also the largest. Their common features would include fast cutting, automatic tool changers, vacuum table with T-slot bedding, dust collector systems, spindles and user interface.

Midrange CNC router

The midrange CNC routers are often made of the same components as the industrial CNC routers. Midrange CNC routers are often a favourite among hobbyists and small scale businesses. Even though it is smaller, it can still have the power of a full production CNC router.

Hobby CNC router

The Hobby CNC router, which is homemade, is designed and built by the owner. It is unique since it is based on the needs, models, available parts and budget of the owner. It can be easily placed on counters and table tops. Most hobbyists would prefer having a hobby CNC router compared with acquiring midrange or industrial router.

Hobby CNC router is inexpensive compared with the industrial router. There are three kinds of hobby routers. You could do it on your own or you could purchase a kit or plan which would serve as a guide when building your hobby router.

Specialty routers

There are also CNC routers which are dedicated on special designs, they are called specialty CNC routers. Samples of specialty routers are engraving machines, 3D engraving machines and PCB routers. The PCB router is used to create circuit boards.

Several CNC features would include having separate heads. CNC machines that have multiple heads mean that there can be two programs running but it is controlled with one user interface. Another feature would be the dust collection, where the wood chips are sucked up and collected.

There are different CNC machines and not all of these machines are used in woodworking alone. There are some which can be used in both metal and plastic materials.

Although it could be costly, some say that this would be best woodworking equipment that could be added to a business. The money spent on securing the CNC woodworking equipment could be replaced by faster production process, maximization of production, quality and nearly exact output, and customer satisfaction.

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