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Ceiling-mounted veneer storage keeps supplies handy

Ceiling-mounted veneer storage keeps supplies handy

After some time doing woodworking, we all accumulate ends of material like nice veneer. You know how it goes, you order an extra sheet or two – just in case – and at the end of the job you have three left over. Rolling them can become cumbersome with cardboard tubes in racks and standing on end.

So what if you could store them flat so that they would be ready to go when needed, but you have limited space in your shop?

Here is an idea that uses extra square footage on the ceiling. A quick trip to the home supply store and you can create your own ceiling-mounted veneer rack.

Bolts going through square steel tubing serve to hold the hinged storage container in place on the ceiling.

The one shown will fit 5×10-foot sheets with no problem. A wooden brace holds it up while it is lowered down, using a small step ladder as a stop.

This is a great way to hold on to those extra sheets of veneer, which can pay off in time for smaller jobs – like bathroom vanities.