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3D Interactive Woodworking Workbench

3D Interactive Woodworking Workbench

Here is a novel way to evaluate woodworking plans, by using a 3D digital interactive model.

If you use Google Sketchup or another CAD program you will already be very familiar with this process and the value of doing so, that is being able to maneuver around and get close up to details of the model.

The reality though is that most of us woodworkers just do not have the time nor is it really necessary to learn a complicated CAD program.

That is why I have created this feature here to allow anyone to be able to maneuver around a digital woodworking plan, without having to do all of that stuff, or even having install or learn any complicated program.

The example here is of a workbench, and the steps are as follows:

  1. Click on the image of the workbench below.
  2. Allow the interactive 3D model to load
  3. The default cursor will be the rotation cursor, which will enable you to fly around the model in 3 dimensions, by clicking and dragging.
  4. To get additional functionality, click on the “<“ icon on the right side of the model window. You will quickly get the hang of it.
  5. If you are using PC, the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom in and out.
  6. The icon in the bottom right hand corner also allows you to view the model in full-screen. 

So go ahead an get familiar.


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5 thoughts on “3D Interactive Woodworking Workbench

  1. Charlie Floyd

    WHile I find this a novel approach, for me three dimensional drawings/renderings are sufficient. But I spent 30+ years working in an engineering office so I can relate to the line drawings. I will make use of the 3D views you demonstrated if they are available. Impressive use of technology.

  2. Trevor brown

    I like this, wondering how you draw but the 3-D views are great, if this is a marketing project add me to your email list for possible future consideration

  3. Paul Yancey

    This would be a nice addition but, being computer stupid, I cannot ever get anything to work. you say click on the picture, well when nothing happens, and I have to wit for my grand children to come over and explain again, how it works, it is frustrating. My advantage is that I can build anything out of wood if I see a picture or can visualize it in my mind, so this 3-D option is useless for me. But, thanks for the picture. I have already built a similar table several years ago, and it still works fine.

  4. David

    This is cool. It seems to me that (for those of us who are computer savvy) this could be a great time saver. This effectively allows you to “build” your project before you cut the first piece of wood, allowing you to spot any potential problems.