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WWGOA Live: July 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

WWGOA Live: July 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

A little false start at the beginning, but once we got going the Live was great. Have a look!

4:10 George’s trip to Philmont Scout Ranch
5:05 Using Pentacryl wood preservative
7:55 First tool for the small shop
8:15 Finish for cherry
9:09 $2000 planer?
9:56 Blade for ripping
13:20 Turning tips
16:43 Jet oscillating drum sander worth it?
19:33 How long does Pentacryl need to dry?
21:30 Australian woods wood for pens
22:13 Upgrade to digital read outs?
24:00 Products for cleaning and protecting saws
25:41 Working with ½” material
29:30 Material for boat seats
30:16 Hide glue vs yellow glue
31:39 Frequency of calibrating tools
33:23 Has George used a Shopsmith?
35:50 Drill press shopping
36:55 White ash for bowls?
37:20 How tight for bandsaw blades?
40:30 Worm screws for turning
42:40 Keep planes from rusting
43:04 Turning a large cylinder
45:00 Release tension on a bandsaw blade?
45:15 Furniture repair
45:48 Standard screws in pocket holes?
48:17 Chipped paint on a scroll saw table
49:00 Tablesaw recommendation
50:33 George’s air filter
51:42 Bandsaw guide wheels
52:20 Table saw blade not flat
54:13 3 jaw vs 4 jaw chucks
55:00 Fastening cross grain
57:50 George’s shop layout
59:31 Project selection

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Date: 2017-07-19 02:39:15

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