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WWGOA Live: February 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

WWGOA Live: February 2017 Woodworking Q&A with George Vondriska

One of our best WWGOA Live shows ever. There were a lot of great questions, thanks to our wonderful viewers. From finish for lathe work to choices for outdoor woods, we covered a lot of ground. Thanks to all who tuned in.

0:43 Turning finishes
3:05 Mortise a leg before or after a taper
3:40 Removing PSA sandpaper
5:40 Mitered corners and glue strength
8:25 Benchtop tool stand
12:08 Projects to advance woodworking skills
16:00 Second coat of stain didn’t come out well
17:47 Fastening rubber feet to a finished piece
20:36 Bandsaw or scrollsaw
24:03 Ridges on dado bottom
27:16 George’s necklace
30:13 Gluing stained wood
31:02 Woods for outdoor use
32:30 Brushless drivers
33:47 Good projects for using up redwood
34:10 Fret work in thin stock
36:20 Router and router table advice
38:40 Blade for resawing
40:10 Classes at Vondriska Woodworks –
42:10 Long bow class –
42:55 Inline sander for flattening?
44:32 Angle gauge for grinding chisels
46:00 Good material for cutting boards
47:00 Are parallel jaw clamps worth it?
49:55 Gluing veneer to sheet metal
52:45 Storing lumber
53:30 Dust collection on miter saws
54:54 Recommendation for sliding miter saw
56:39 Starter pins on router tables
1:01:30 George’s upcoming on the road schedule

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Date: 2017-02-10 02:11:55

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