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wortheffort channel opener

wortheffort channel opener

Date: 2017-01-18 20:59:33

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Welcome to wortheffort woodworking, your online woodworking education resource.

It’s been 6 years that we’ve been on YouTube. That’s a lot of tips, tricks, and lessons. Here’s to quite a few more.

Starting in 2017 we are refocusing our efforts so you’ll be seeing a lot more of our “Artsy Fartsy” and “Classroom Series” of videos. If you’re new to woodworking, be it hand or power, I suggest starting with that “Classroom Series” as it’s a digitization of what I used to teach where we go deep into skills, techniques, and basic woodworking knowledge while integrating some traditional academia. The hope is to create a body of work that’ll complement a book in development.

If you enjoy the video’s I hope you appreciate the amount of time and money they take to produce. This year to subsidize the channel we’re transitioning from selling our wares at local art markets every weekend to an online store. So if you’re looking for containers, tools, posters, and T-Shirts to accessorize your project, shop or home… consider supporting our effort by visiting and perusing the stores. There’s also a support section on our website if you’d just like to patronize our effort.

And remember. “It’s always worth the effort to learn, create, and share with others. Y’all be safe and have fun.”


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