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Best Apps and Calculators for Woodworkers

Best Apps and Calculators for Woodworkers

No matter how long you have been into woodworking, you will no double recognize and appreciate the part that technology is playing in making our preparation work easier and less time consuming.

Among the technology helpers that can make life much easier are apps and calculator programs that will turn your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a valuable tool in your shop.

You can do things like identify a tree species, calculate board feet, convert measurements, calculate crown molding dimensions, and set up parts layouts and cutting lists. Take a look…


One thought on “Best Apps and Calculators for Woodworkers

  1. Nate

    Here are the links I found for those discussed…
    Leafsnap (free for iOS)
    American Species Guide (free for iOS or Android)
    WoodMasterHD ($7.99 for iOS)
    Handyman Cal-culator ($4.99 for Android)
    Board Feet Calculator app ($0.99 for iOS)
    Spirit Level Gold (free for iOS)
    Anglemeter (free for iOS)
    Flying Ruler app ($1.99 for iOS)

    Online Programs:
    University of Missouri’s free online board foot calculator –
    Calculatorsoup –
    Crown Molding Miter and Bevel Finder, a free on-line calculator –
    The Wood-shop Calculator ($9.99) –
    Shutter Design Wizard –
    Cutlist400, a basic but functional cutout optimizer program –